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MBE-grown GaN-based epi wafers

Facing the increasing interest in newer wide band-gap materials with their superior electronic properties including high breakdown electric field, high electron mobility and saturation carrier velocity, and high thermal conductivity, which can potentially fulfil power compounds requirements, "optimised gan power microwave devices on silicon" is the emerging solution for the need of more efficient components in the high voltage operation, high power density, low noise and linearity field.

This high performance technology added to the low cost issues are the opportunity for customer to establish as standards a reliable product at the forefront of the industry. For example, the immediate impact of power devices with low noise capabilities is an extreme competitive advantage by simplifying the transmission - reception chain by suppressing input protection in the wireless industry.

The introduction of these new family of compounds is therefore linked to price issues that have to be taken into account at the same level of the intrinsic performance of the material. Picogiga International is therefore appraising the MBE approach with all relevant issues coming from its history in the GaAs semiconductors industry.

The main activity has been focused on GaN/Si as targeted for Wireless communication (low cost issues) and preparing the next generation of material chain supply for High Performances materials in the electronic field.

At the end of the project the strategy of the Picogiga International confirms the establishment of a production pilote line for Nitride HFET on a multi - 4” wafer reactor as well as building alliances with customers to joint develop the next material chain supply for the Nitride material Industry.

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