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157nm pulsed laser micro-machining prototype tool

For micro-machining processes with 157nm laser radiation an industrial machine tool has been developed. This micro-machining tool is equipped with special designed optics for VUV-wavelength, including beam homogenisation and high precision projection optics, providing near diffraction-limited resolution. The energy density on the work piece is sufficient for the defined ablation on most of the relevant materials. Currently, energy densities of above 100mJ/cm² are available on the work piece, enough for machining polymers. By improving the purging of the beam line an increase towards the J/cm² regime is expected, to include brittle materials like glasses into the list of feasible materials for the work piece positioning, high precision stages with a resolution of ten nm have been installed. Oxygen sensing, dose monitoring and vision systems are integrated for process monitoring and control. High-level graphical user interface allows operation on factory floor level. The machine tool is especially suited for processes, where minor volumes with a very high precision need to be removed, e.g. for micro optics or in telecom applications.

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Exitech Ltd
Oxford Industrial Park
OX5 1QU Yarnton, Oxford
United Kingdom