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Optics for 157nm excimer lasers and required manufacturing technology

A 157nm optical beam path for instalment in micro-machining tools has been developed. The beam path consists of the following components:
- Mirrors for beam guiding and transportation, with a high reflectivity (HR) coating for 157 nm, the reflectivity is around 90%.

- Lenses for beam preparation with a high transmission (HT) coating, transmission > 90 %.

- Attenuator plates with an adjustable transmission.

- Beam homogenisation with a 7 x 7 cylindrical micro-lens array.

- Projection optic with a demagnification x10, based on an dioptic design.

- Projection optic with a demagnification x25, based on Schwarzschild-design.

- Projection optic with a demagnification x50, (design and components).

For the 157nm wavelength only a few optical materials are available. Here, all optics are based on CaF2, which shows a good transmission in the VUV and is not hydrophil. However, due to its material properties, these materials are difficult to manufacture. The required process technology has been developed, including test tools.

Reported by

Exitech Ltd
Oxford Industrial Park
OX5 1QU Yarnton, Oxford
United Kingdom
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