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ISTforCE Core Services

ISTforCE Core Services

ISTforCE core services are located at</b>. The core services are implemented as a database containing these tables:

- people - People
- companies- Companies they work for
- services - Services they provide/use/like
- projects - Project in which the above are involved
- roles - Roles people play in projects
- toolbox - Toolboxes that they have

The database may be used either by a human using a Web browser or by other services. The intended human users of the core services are:

    - application service provider,
    - chief information officer,
    - project manager,
    - engineers and architects.

    Users like architects and engineers are expected to use these services only to enter their personal information and preferences and not to use them to carry out engineering work, as they do in construction portals. In this respect the core services are not a portal. They could be a back end - support - of a portal, but the end user's portal functionality is not implemented. Portal's function have the launcher and the personal planning system (PPS).

    End-Users and Innovative features

    Core services (CIS) are providing thin, project web independent directory services on that key information that need to be stored in a centralized way.

    Key features:

    1. Thin. The services are providing only the essential information.
    2. Portable. The services may run on any platform including Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac.
    3. Open. Open source and free tools are used to in its construction. Full source code is available to the implementor.
    4. Compatible CIS is using plaform and vendor independent standards such as XML. I may be accessed form any platform.

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