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DAS - Design Assistance Service

The ISTforCE Design Assistance Service (DAS) supports engineers in designing structural systems of multi-storey buildings in the conceptual and preliminary design phase. The knowledge-based assistant is a self-contained application with a CAD-like user-interface, which intelligently adapts to the current design focus and thereby enables a concentrated work for even complex structural designs. The main feature of DAS is design knowledge that the engineer can apply to solve new design problems.

Benefits to the engineer are a focused display of alternatives for each design step and an automatic completion of conceptual design input by engineering design knowledge and rules of thumb. DAS reasoning engine generates a complete preliminarily structure, which can be exported as IFC 2x data model in step physical file format and readily imported by arbitrary structural analysis packages. Thus, DAS can substantially reduce design time by freeing the engineer from tedious manual work and routine information input.

The software runs as a prototype. Currently, knowledge base covers multi-storey office buildings. DAS can also run as a local service within the CESP.

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