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Model Access Services including Engineering Ontology Service (MAS/EOS)

MAS/EOS is a middleware service, that provides customisable interfaces for direct user-friendly product data access and management, as well as additional advanced services that enable reasoning about the models. It can be used both within the ISTforCE platform, together with PDS, or as a standalone server service.

The service provides three use levels:
1. an access service to a broad range of Product Data Servers, due to the various interfaces the MAS supports and a plug-in framework for new interfaces;
2. a local Product Data Server and Logistics System to manage personal versions of downloaded product models, from one or more projects;
3. an Engineering Ontology Service (EOS) for ontology-based product model browsing.

The integrated Engineering Ontology Service enables the translation of 'raw' IFC data to the vocabulary and semantics familiar to engineers and architects. Thus, MAS can be applied by end users after short learning times.

The software runs as a prototype, based on the Enterprise Java Beans Technology. It is adjusted especially to the IFC 2x specification, but most of the services are developed generically, and are therefore prepared for further IFC versions or other emerging product data models.

MAS supports several interfaces to other services as follows:
- to Engineering Applications on the basis of Java RMI-IIOP or CORBA with appropriate transactional support;
- to Web Browsers, on the basis of HTML via HTTP, rendered from ontology and/or IFC-based dedicated XML data by Servlets and JSPs;
- to the CESP Information Server on the basis of XML;
- to the Project Data Server(s), currently on the basis of an FTP-based API, ensuring maximum efficiency for the exchange of bulk product data, such as STEP physical files.

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