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Personal Planning Service (PPS)

The Personal Planning System (PPS) is a workflow management system specially designed for the requirements in a distributed engineering environment. It supports engineers and architects, that are involved in different projects in parallel, by continuously monitoring the individual workflows of these projects. The user will be notified by the PPS about changes and modifications within the projects' workflow, which will enable him to control multi project participation with distributed project management server.

The major features of the PPS are:

- Immediate notification about changes within the workflow of the different projects
- Automatically suggested personal workflows without conflicting parallel tasks, applying the principle of minimum project time, which may be accepted or rejected by the user.
- Arranging the user's personal workflow according to the boundary conditions of all projects he is working on at the same time.
- Guaranteed consistence of the project workflow and the personal workflow when all project workflows are managed by the PPS.

PPS is designed to operate within the framework of the ISTforCE platform, as well as a stand alone application. The core of PPS is a workflow engine based on a relational database management schema adopted from the current IFC 2x process model. The PPS client, realised as a JAVA application, is the graphical user interface for the workflow data.

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