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PDS – Product Data server

The Product Data Server (PDS) is an external project-centred service that can be plugged in also to any other external remote engineering service. PDS provides a system with functionality for :
- storing data belonging to user projects managed by the server;
- keeping track of the various versions of these data;
- providing access to product data, either in their whole, or based on a finer granularity;
- insuring that only authorized users can permanently save data;
- providing services for general users to check-out data, check-in proposals of modified versions of the data;
- providing services for administrators to declare user, attributes privileges and rights, etc.

The Product Data Server provides also a shared repository for projects hosted by the platform, uses standard and open protocols and standard and open data model schemata (IFC).

Its features include :
- User, session, workspace, project and version management;
- Download/upload of whole models;
- Download parts of projects (site, building, storey) and single instances;
- Query functions (project list, version list, instance list,…);
- Implementation independent with respect to client applications;
- Client API for Java applications provided as usage example.

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