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Territorial Service Centre (TSC)

The TSC acts as catalyst in the territory, among memory institutions, public bodies and private companies (hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment, car rentals.. and event promoters like theatres, cinemas, galleries, municipalities, cultural associations, sport clubs¿) in such a way as to create a strong network of contacts and offer to visitors a great variety of possibilities.

Its visibility will be also assured at international level, through a TSC local web portal offering:
- Rich and attractive information about collections contained in the territorial memory institutions, events and facilities;

- Cultural itineraries and the possibility to customize them;

- Booking services (for hotel, restaurants.. reservations) or links to them (for flights, rent a car¿reservations);

- E-commerce services (to buy local products)

- Community services (to promote offerings of other networked TSC, a meeting point for information, dissemination and communication between memory institutions, thanks to the sharing of information activities and ideas that TSC portals will present).

The main task of the project is to pay attention to the widespread cultural and environmental heritage, especially in the regions faraway from the most renowned tourist centers: the territory as a whole will be considered as an open museum where the landscape and environmental dimension will emerge as a distinctive evidence of cultural identity.

Therefore, for every functionality that requires this kind of approach (for the description and visualization of the cultural itineraries, to indicate where exactly a museum is, where an event will be held, to clearly specify the location of the TSC region) the portal will utilize new technologies and tools available on the market to allow the users to experience and appreciate the territory at issue.

These new technologies will offer two different levels of investigation:
- A global vision, based on geographic information and at large scale, that will coordinate the traditional cartographic representation (thematic maps) with a striking 3D explorable illustration of the territory, built up with either the aerial and satellite mapping and photographs and numerical profile of altitude (Digital Terrain Model).

- A greater level of detail that will permit also an interactive exploration, with the possibility of zooming on specific aspects of the area and on cultural highlights and also including hypertext links.

We are sure that this service is not covered yet in a structured and complete way.

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