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The Image Brokering System (IBS)

The Image Brokering Service (IBS), a web-based service developed by Cultural Heritage On Line (CHOL), is marketed under the Museum Images European trademark. It allows professional users of visual content industry to search & retrieve, to order and to be delivered off-line or on-line with high definition digital images from the rich European collections of museums.

The system is based on market standards such as developed by Getty Images for its leading edge portal. A core Oracle-based software package was customised by CHOL to allow professionals to acquire the reproduction right on digital images from the providing museums and archives. It allows the museum and archive providers to be reported about the activity around their items entered in the Museum Images catalogue (number of displayed images, acquired rights of reproduction) and the customers to check their account (number of selected images, acquired rights of reproduction profile).

The system permits Cultural Heritage On Line to fully monitor the service (automatic import of data from the museums and archives and their conversion into XML format, control of the quality of the information supplied to the customer (genuine captions plus additional keywords entered by CHOL) and of the digital images, proper delivery of the images to the customers).

The Image Brokering Service includes several specialised modules, encompassing:
- An Importing module,
- A Monitoring interface,
- A Web interface for the customer to access to the museum images catalogue in a very user-friendly way,
- A Right management system for establishing a price for each specific use of the images (reproduction rights and in some cases author rights),
- An Ordering system for the customer to order online their images,
- A Back-office module for managing properly the orders, their delivery and the corresponding invoicing (this modules includes workflow management and CRM tools based on technology implemented around Oracle and Business Object software packages).

As for the OpenMuseum Base, the main goal of the Image Brokering Service is the promotion of the museums and archives by means of a marketing window to the professionals in the media industries.

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