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Process Matrix for the building construction industry

Within the European ISTforCE project (IST-1999-11508), preliminary development of a Process Matrix for the building construction industry was undertaken. The matrix provides a convergence of many existing but incompatible process models into a single high-level model.

The Process Matrix is a table that sets down reference activities and, for each activity, identifies the project participants (actors) sending and receiving information. The information being sent and received for each activity is incorporated.

The Process Matrix considers that communication occurs between actors fulfilling roles, whereby the same actual actor may fulfil multiple roles.

An activity has a typical form of communication indicated e.g. 3D model, 2D drawing, cost plan, schedule, list etc.

Each activity represents a single business process and the information communication shows the end result of the activity. Activities may be broken down further using more detailed approaches such as UML activity diagrams.

A primary purpose of the Process Matrix is to support the development of a single reference process model by the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) and to support development of a road map for their Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) model.

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