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Demo system integrating ICEM products and immersives

The project result is an installable prototype version of ICEM Style, which can be connected to input devices and software device drivers developed by IGD and Barski Design.

The integration of SmartSketches components to ICEM software (called ICEM Style+) allows the support of input devices working in immersive environments like 3D pen allowing designers to work in a virtual 3D space on a CAD model ("Cyberstilo"), immersive modelling techniques to move design work into virtual environments which come as close as possible to the non-virtual “real” working techniques, but with all the advantages of the computer and software plugins allowing CAD packages to extract usable geometry representations from ambiguous strokes on tablets, Powerwalls and normal desktop computer screens.

One special result is a communication protocol, which allows it to combine standard CAD applications with immersive visualisation and editing techniques. The protocol is open and can easily be implemented by software vendors as well as by vendors of immersive hardware components.

During the project IGD and ICEM have developed together not only a feasibility study, also a demonstration toolkit to the potential end users inside the project and based on this a demonstration toolkit for potential end users of the software outside the project.

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