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Use of demanding applications on a terabit pan-European network with Quality of Service in IP/MPLS based infrastructure and on high-speed network performance evaluation

The results achieved during ATRIUM project are focused on the use of demanding applications on a terabit pan-European network with Quality of Service in IP/MPLS based infrastructure and on high-speed network performance evaluation. PSNC also benefits from the experience with the new technologies for high-speed optical networking and large-scale service provisioning that will support building of the Polish Optical Internet.

PSNC is a high performance computing center and therefore uses GRID-related applications on a day-to-day basis. The ATRIUM project gave us an experience in running these types of applications in a large, high-speed network. The results will be exploited in the Polish Optical Internet PIONIER, with its 10G backbone connecting all metropolitan area networks in Poland and 5 high performance computing centers. Running large file transfers or distributed computations over ATRIUM testbed, PSNC had a possibility to verify the design of terabit optical network and the adequacy of the proposed solutions with respect to the requirements of very demanding users. The work conducted during the course of the project will support the development of GRID-related services and future GRID-related projects especially when collaborating with remote sites within Europe. The results and QoS techniques assessment will ease the initial configuration of GRIDs and advanced bandwidth consuming applications.

The results of the project will be used not only within national environment but also adopted to a European scale and used for international collaboration e.g. during FP6.
As the manager for Polish NREN, PSNC is responsible for introduction of new networking technologies and the network expansion. Currently the main objective of PSNC is to complete building of the optical network connecting all major universities towns in Poland � PIONIER. This network is based on more than 5000km of owned optical fibers which (supported by accurate technology) can provide enough capacity for research community in Poland. The IP/MPLS ATRIUM network architecture achievements together with state-of-the-art optical DWDM technology will strongly support building of the Polish Optical Internet in its next phase of optical
development. Quality of Service and Traffic Engineering mechanisms designed and implemented in ATRIUM testbed will also be used during the network development.
Since PSNC was connected to the ATRIUM testbed with the use of (for the first time) CCC (Circuit Cross Connect) connection through the GEANT network it gave us a possibility to exploit the advantages of that new technique for interconnecting project remote sites. That experience helped us to deploy new connection for another FP5 project as well as will save unnecessary operational work for future projects.

The main end-users of the results will be researchers especially from the GRID community. They include researchers from PSNC as well as Polish research community gathered in the current POL34/622 network, which constantly runs GRID applications and GRID-related projects (either national or international). The results also benefit operation department of Polish NREN that develops PIONIER network and introduces new services.

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