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Pan-European high speed optical IP core network

The ATRIUM project has built a pan-European high-speed optical IP core network interconnecting the IP research labs of Alcatel Belgium, France Telecom Paris, Telefonica I+D Madrid, PSNC Poland and the University of Liege.

The way the network was built and operated is for an equipment vender an experience and allows understanding the difficulties of the customers of Alcatel in operating and maintaining a commercial IP core backbone.

ATRIUM designed and implemented Layer 2 virtual private networks using MPLS and advised NRENs and Dante how to provision such a networks on their IP core backbone.

During the project execution, the ATRIUM project presented its results at 37 conferences and two-demonstration exhibition, wrote 28 papers and delivered 11 IETF drafts, organised 16 meetings with NRENS, IST projects and GEANT. This project introduced Alcatel in the Optical IP research community of Europe and increased the credibility of the company as an IP player in the international forum.
The interoperability test result determine that the testbed built can be put in real operational conditions facing heterogeneous network elements at intra- or inter-domain level. The results obtained during the reporting period show that the different Alcatel IP core-A7770 releases are capable to support QOS, MPLS traffic engineering and multicast scheme. The European manufactured IP core router can be released to the European Research companies and to the network operators.

The inter-domain and intra domain traffic engineering propose and asses protocols and algorithms for intra-domain traffic engineering in MPLS networks and designs on-line decentralized traffic engineering algorithms to establish Label Switched Path (LSPs) in an optimised fashion.

These algorithms can be implemented in the IP portfolio of Alcatel and will improve the bandwidth utilisation and operation of the network deployed with Alcatel IP products.

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