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SketchAR: Immersive styling application

- The SketchAR system (as a whole):
SketchAR is one of the first sketching and styling tools with allows working not only in Virtual Reality (VR) but also in Augmented Reality (AR). As such we see some market potential. During the SmartSketches project we carried out a market analysis and worked out a business plan together with the EBS (European Business School). Presentations and demonstrations have been performed to venture capitalists.

At the moment the conditions to find venture capital are negatively influenced by the economic situation. In upcoming projects we will further develop the SketchAR system and continue to follow our spin-off ideas.

- Handed tape drawing:
Within SmartSketches the tape drawing approach commonly used in car styling has been transposed into a 2-handed virtual tape drawing approach with allows to create smooth curves on planes but also in 3D space. Recently a finger tracking approach has been implemented which allows together with speech commands to do virtual tape drawing on a PowerWall. This approach has proven useful in the user tests. Thus, a stand-alone system/module can be extracted from SketchAR with dedicated/limited functionality just providing 2-handed virtual tape drawing and some file I/O functionality. ItalDesign has already shown interest in such a module/system.

- Curve ans surface sketching and over-sketching functionality
During the SmartSketches project a couple of easy-to-use curve and surface sketching and over-sketching algorithms have been developed not common in todays styling tools, e.g. stroke analysis and automatic spitting, curve over-sketching, etc. Those modules/funcionalities can be further exploited in the future. Discussions with ICEM have been started and go on.

- Multi-modal input
SketchAR provides different input methaphors, namely:
-- Personal interaction panel (2D menus embedded in 3D based on Studierstube
-- Ring menus (3D menus that pop up upon request)
-- 3D gestures (the 2D gesture recognizer has been extended to do 3D gesture recognition)
-- Speech input and output

Ring menus, gestures and speech I/O can be individually used by other components or can be bundled for re-use. This could be valuable for other parties to not re-implement base functionality by there own.

- Integration back-bone SketchNet
Based on the integration framework (Web Services, back-end data base) an integration back-bone has been implemented which provides functionality to couple multiple sketching applications for collaborative work.

SketchNet consists of the SketchNet API for storing and retrieving shapes in/from the back-bone DB and distributing events whenever the DB is accessed. Sketching applications that comply with the SketchNet API can easily be facilitated to exchange information via Web Services, e.g. for online collaboration. The application just has to access the Web Service when creating shapes and has to register for events when other applications have created or modified a shape in the DB. For new types of shapes the DB structure has to be updated.

- Cooperative SketchAR
The combination of SketchAR and SketchNet allows for a collaborative use of SketchAR. Spatially dispersed users can work together with SketchAR.
In the early stages of SmartSketches FIAT raised the requirement for online collaboration in sketching and styling applications. There was no workpackage / effort foreseen to follow-up on this requirement. As a side effect the integration framework finally allows for (a simple form) of online collaboration. Since there seam to be a need for collaborative styling in the industry we see a good chance for further exploitation.

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