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User profile editor and associated category extractor

User Profile Editor (UPE) and associated Category Extractor.

UPE is a servlet web-based tool to manage Ontology-based user modelling system. It includes an editor allowing the users to update their profile (described as an Ontology) as well as a tool to conduct some inferences on the activity of the user, and help the automatic update of this profile.

One of the main benefit is to validate a means to represent complex user information (via an ontology), in a flexible way (web interface), and with the possibility to integrate very basic reasoning capabilities via the encapsulation of a java script interpreter that can be used via the web interface to describe some operations.
These operations include the inference of some information that have been already completed in the user profile and allowing the auto completion of some of the information.

They also include the possibility to infer information from the activity of the users (extracted from the Ontology describing the different actions of the user) in order to deduce behavioural patterns of this user, such as for instance the level of his/her use of the knowledge management system and his/her contribution to the knowledge capitalization process.

This prototype will however mainly be used for demonstration purpose.

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