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OKE (Ontology Knowledge Evaluator)

Ontology Knowledge Evaluator, web version (OKEWeb).

OKEWeb is servlet web-based tool used to conduct analysis of Ontologies (Domain Ontology, User Ontology & Event Ontology). This tool can in particular be used to help the knowledge manager to assess the different properties of Ontology, and well as its dynamics of evolution.

Ontology building, population and maintenance is a complex activity (sometime considered more as an art than a science because of its complexity).

One of the main benefit is to provide a means to help assessing the structure, the population and the usage of an Ontology based knowledge repository.

OKEWeb provides the possibility to define evaluation rules via a web interface, using the java script language, that help to understand and access the characteristic of an ontology, both from its structure, its population, and its usage (analysis of the event ontology representing the activity of the user).

This prototype will however mainly be used for demonstration purpose.

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