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A high level architecture for wireless services

A high level architecture (WISA - Wireless Internet Service Architecture) for wireless services defines components, relationships among components, functions offered by components. The goal of WISA is to support developers in the design of a software architecture of a new wireless services. Therefore, WISA provides developers with the following answers to:- What requirements should be considered when developing a new wireless services?- What are the best practices (e.g., styles, patterns, quality attributes) for architecting a wireless services?- What support services are needed for a new wireless service?- What available components could be used as such and which ones need to be adapted or developed?In the reference architecture, the following approach has been applied:- Services are categorized according their intended use.- Architectural styles and patterns are used as reusable assets.- Quality attributes set to category of services or a service have used as driving factors in selection of styles and patterns for a particular service or a set of services.- WISA/RA has been described from four different viewpoints: behavioural, structural, deployment, and development.- Description of services is included in the WISA knowledge base.

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