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Business models for wireless Internet services

Wireless Internet has created a new promising environment for doing business. The combination of the Internet and wireless data communications enable business activities whenever and where-ever needed. This environment promotes new ways of conducting business actions; thus it establishes new business concepts and models.
A business model describes the key business processes. The main elements of a business model are value creation and value appropriation through processes and transactions. The value creation processes describe who are in it and what they do. Value appropriation processes describe the value for the company. As business practices become increasingly diverse and complex, the focus of business models shifts from the enterprise architecture to a specification of interactions. A business model should concern itself with the interactions between activities and between actors, but also with the interactions between the different levels of a business model. The project produced a report of business models and developed business models for different actors in a business web in the domain of a mobile game. It also developed an example of a map between a business model for wireless services and architectural elements of the software providing the services.

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