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Process models for developing services for the wireless Internet

Results are a survey of processes for software and system engineering, an evaluation of formalisms to describe software processes and new software development processes to develop wireless services, in terms of activities, techniques, and tools.

These processes are instrumented with indicators to control the cost, time and quality of the process and its deliverables. A further result is a method for the empirical design of development processes for new domains.

The overall method can be applied to unknown new domains in general, but as the focus of this work is the wireless Internet domain, special emphasis is placed on the particularities of this domain. The goal of the method is to rapidly come up with a process that considers existing experience.

As a consequence, drastic risk reductions in developing applications for the new domain are expected. The method was applied in the wireless Internet services domain. The two key ingredients for the method are the set-up of selected pilot projects and the creation of descriptive process models from the pilot projects.

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