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The Museum of pure form: A novel multimedia VR installation for haptic interaction with digitised works of arts

Today Virtual Reality is more and more considered an effective knowledge instrument; in fact it allows to “know the world” by learning in an enactive way, which is more natural for the human being than the symbolic-reconstructive learning, mediated by the action of writing. The recent technologies aimed at the observation, modelling and 3D visualisation are more and more employed in the field of cultural heritage. At present the field of cultural heritage is becoming an important application domain for virtual environment technologies. The cultural heritage is the starting point of the development and, at the same time, its purpose. In this way culture itself, broadly speaking, characterises itself as a heritage, at the service of mankind, able to knock down time and space barriers. Information technologies create for the cultural heritage a stable bridge able to link past and future: the work of art, rescued or re-invented, lives, through the information media, a constantly present time. A present, which is anyway in eternal motion, continuously changing. This evolution allows the change in approaching the cultural heritage and the way of enjoying it, keeping up with technological innovations, and not only according to historical eras. Today we can visit virtual sites that include beauties of places physically very distant from each other; we can choose our knowledge routes; we can interact with a work of art regardless of its location and its age. The virtual reality projects are aimed at offering the user simulations, which are closer and closer to the real experience; however, no project has managed so far to overstep the friction borders to reach realistic sensorial perceptions. The “Museum of Pure Form” project was born in order to try to reach this target; to supersede the fiction of virtual reality in order to lead to an environment where the works of art will be able to be seen and touched.

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