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The workshop on "New technological interfaces for the perception and enjoyment of works of art. background, current situation and perspectives. museum of pure form"

On the occasion of the presentation of the Museum of Pure Form and the robotic arm, which together with a virtual reality system allows the user to touch the three-dimensional models of the works of art housed in different museums around the world, we programmed a series of lectures and debates to analyse the background, current situation and perspective for the application of these technologies to artistic creation.

The conference cyle was the following:

Thursday, January 22
-Presentation of the conference cyle organised by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana, both journalists specialised in digital art and culture.

-Contribution of Massimo Bergamasco and Antonio Frisoli: "Museum of Pure Form: aspirations and applications of the project."

- Contribution of Antunez, founding member of La Fura dels Baus. He has participated as an actor, musician and artistic coordinator in a number of different performances, actions and interactive installations.

Friday, January 23
- Contribution of Gunnar Jansson: "Experiments with haptic applications. Breakthroughs."

- Contribution of Claudia Gianetti, director of MECAD/Media Centre d'Art i Disseny d'ESDI (Barcelona).

- Contribution of Stelarc, who is a performance artist who explores the concept of the body and how it relates to technology through interfaces that connect the machine and the body.

Saturday, January 24
- Contribution of Ken Rinaldo, an interdisciplinary artist who works with robotic installation in search of the intersection and synthesis of our natural and technological culture.

These conferences and activities not only congregated the technical experts responsible for developing the technology of the robotic arm, but also artists and theorists who work in the field of new technologies and virtual reality in the broadest sense. From both a theoretical and practical standpoint, the participants represented all the different trends in the research of these systems.

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