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A multimedia showroom for the exhibition of and interaction with VR contents in the museum of OPAE

In September 2003 a new multimedia room was opened within the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Pisa, and the Museum of Pure Form was first presented to the public. The installation of the system in OPAE museum has remained open during open since September 2003. In July 2004 the haptic system has been replaced by the new exoskeleton device.

The Museum is intended to work in conjunction with a variety of display technologies, and its first deployment within a CAVE-like environment was performed at University College London in November 2003.

Within the museum, a multimedia room open to the public, hosts the Pure Form system.

In order to create an immersive environment, a wooden box has been specifically designed and manufactured; it has also been provided with darkening entrance curtain and fireproof material, covering also the ceiling of the box itself.

The immersive box has also been provided with lighting system and pedestals where two haptic interface systems have been located to test the haptic system at an intermediate phase.

Visitors entering in the room are immersed in a quiet atmosphere, with suffused lights and soft music. On one wall of the room a stereoscopic 3D projection of a virtual environment is presented to the visitor that is free to interact with the contents of the environment through the haptic interface system standing in front of the wall. An audio narration explains the visitor historical notes and details about the works on display.

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Opera della Primaziale Pisana
Piazza Duomo 17
56100 Pisa
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