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Iterative laguerre - SVD reduced order modelling technique combined withFDTD based discretisation of Maxwell's equations

The continual need for a more accurate description of devices in electrical and electro technical engineering leads to increasingly larger models. Hence, a need arises for reduced-order modelling allowing downsizing large initials models to more tractable formats that can then be used as black box elements in subsequent simulations. In our case we typically consider large state-space descriptions arising from the numerical solution of Maxwell's equations and the reduced models are needed for use in subsequent circuit simulations. The techniques used to obtain these smaller models are the so-called Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques. Various MOR-techniques have been developed in the past either based on balanced realization algorithms or on projection based Krylov-subspace methods. The best-known techniques are (several variants of) PVL (Pade via Lanczos)), block Arnoldi and passive reduced-order macro modelling or PRIMA.

In the CODESTAR project a completely new MOR-technique based on the use of Laguerre functions was (further) developed. This technique has been published under the name Laguerre-SVD or LSVD. This technique offers several advantages over other techniques, in particular its stability at both the low and high frequency end and its guaranteed passivity. In the CODESTAR project LSVD was applied to and combined with a state-space description of interconnect structures obtained through an FDTD-like discretisation of the problem space whereby the spatial derivatives are discretised using the typical arrangement of the field components in Yee-cells but leaving the time derivative intact. It has been shown that the LSVD technique is capable of reducing large system spaces (more than half a million variables) to systems not exceeding 100 variables.

Further research is under way showing that specialised versions of LSVD can be developed applicable to discrete frequency bands, so-called band-limited model order reduction. Such a technique would be particularly useful to describe resonant systems.

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