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A new robust and efficient Laguerre method for model order reduction

A novel model order reduction technique has been developed, tested and implemented. It uses Laguerre expansions as the basis, and intermediate orthogonalisation after each iteration rather than at the end of the iterative process (like in the SVD-Laguerre method). It is necessary to sometimes perform the orthogonalisation twice, in order to ensure optimal orthogonality. The latter is essential when the resulting models are being used for time domain simulations.

The new robust and efficient Laguerre method with intermediate orthogonalisation (developed within the present project) has been tested extensively within the Philips in-house code Fasterix. Tests have been carried out first outside of this programme, but due to the extremely favourable results especially in time domain simulations (which were unstable with the old method) it was decided to implement the method directly into the software.

The method is not restricted to applications in the electronics industry, but can also be applied in many other areas where model order reduction is required. In this respect, it is a very general technique.

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