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Exhaust sensor validation

Two prototypes were evaluated during the project against hydrocarbons detection. The first one was more dedicated for research and studies on synthetic gas bench to determine the potential of the HC emitter such as, limit of detection, interference, selectivity, response time etc. The second prototype, as close as possible to a production system, was evaluated both on synthetic gas bench and chassis dynamometer.

Results show that HC emitter at 3.3µm is able to detect hydrocarbons as the whole and the behaviour of the output signal is in accordance with classical HC gas analyser (FID technology) used in the automotive field. Because of the fast response time, the IMPECC prototype should be compatible with cylinder individual measurements. In gasoline application, the IMPECC prototype has demonstrated the possibility in up-stream and down-stream three way catalyst measurements in order to give information about the diagnostic of the catalytic converter. Because of the low HC concentration in common rail Diesel exhaust, limit of detection has to be enhanced.

The prototype has survived several hours under Diesel raw exhaust without any clogging.

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