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Digital elevation models from airborne laser scanning data

The following airborne laser scanner data sets has been acquired:
- 4 DEMs of Engabreen, Svartisen, Norway (area: ca 62 km2): 9/2001, 5/2002, 8/2002, 6/2003.

- 1 DEM of Svartisheibreen, Svartisen, Norway (area: ca 6 km2): 9/2001.

- 10 DEMs of Hintereisferner, Otztal Alps, Austria (area: ca 36 km2): 10/2001, 1/2002, 5/2002, 6/2002, 7/2002, 8/2002, 9/2002, 5/2003, 8/2003, 9/2003.

- 1 DEM of Vernagtferner, Otztal Alps, Austria (area: ca.20 km{2}): 8/2002 .

All data sets are of high resolution and high accuracy and allow for the construction of Digital Elevation Models with 1 m resolution.

Potential: Input to different glaciological models (e.g. glacier dynamics, glacier velocity, climate-glacier-relationship)

Possible Users:
- Research community (glaciology, global change research);

- Energy authorities;

- Companies running glacier ski resorts.

Main innovative features/benefits (technical/commercial success factors):
- High quality topographic information (static).

Potential market and application sectors:
- Highly competitive in areas with low texture (snow covered parts of glacier).

Potential barriers:
- Traditionalists and related networks.

- Flight limitations and restrictions.

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Department of Geography - University of Innsbruck
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6020 Innsbruck
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