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Accuracy of change in volume between DEMs

Estimates for the accuracy of the volume which remains in between two digital elevation models have been derived. The estimates include a truncation error occurring when the volume integral is replaced by a finite sum and uncertainties in the differences between the DEMs due to measurement errors in the elevations, interpolation of the other DEM, and inaccuracies in the georeferencing of the DEMs.

Error propagation techniques have been applied to estimate the overall effect of these factors. The result has been used to estimate the accuracy of the change in the volume of Svartisheibreen glacier between two instants. The estimates have been visualized as surfaces describing the plus minus error limits of the change in the volume within each triangle. The potential use of the result relates to the long-term evolution of glaciers estimated from a series of DEMs and its relation to the climate change. In addition to the change in the volume, it is important to know its accuracy.

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