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Georeferencing of old aerial photography using natural ground control points derived from new data

Glaciers have been documented since 1920’s by means of aerial photography. The cameras used for photography have been metric cameras, and control point networks have not been always established and targeted in the area before photography. However, as photographs are originally made for surveying purpose, they can be considered as primary geographic data.

In general, old photographs build early and reliable reference for later monitoring tasks. The potential value of this data depends entirely on its usability. The older records are as such not useful for e.g. monitoring of change, if they cannot be transformed to a known geodetic reference system, most usually to a 3D coordinate system.

This result aims to determine the georeference of old aerial photography. The photogrammetry procedure consists of:
- Producing natural control points by use of new photography which are known by georeference,

- Measuring of natural control points, which are identified in old images, as tie points between old and new photographs and

- Block adjustment, in order to determine orientation parameters for old images.

Once photographs are processed by photogrammetric means, they can be considered as geographic information. They can be used for producing and analysing of secondary geographic data.

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