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Testing the ATCOR applications

Transforming the satellite image grey values into various absolute physical units (radiance, reflectance) are tasks that more and more people are aiming to fulfil nowadays. No easy processes wezre found for e.g. IMAGINE users etc. to turn Landsat data into ground reflectances. We tested ATCOR version by Geosystems. There are also ATCOR versions from other producers. The application seems to be a rather good method, but learning to use it fluently and correctly may take time and effort. The comments below apply mostly for ATCOR2 and ATCOR3 version 2.0.1 for ERDAS IMAGINE.

We gained the basic ability to use the ATCOR process, in order to produce haze corrected and further the ground reflectance images. This is mostly valuable for the service providing point of view. We cannot recommend all users to learn how to use ATCOR. On the other hand we finally did not have a good chance to start testing the renewed version 8.7.

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