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Spaceborne SAR applicability

Novosat has paid some attention to the SAR operational use, to define some practical limitations and guidelines for the proposed spaceborne SAR applications of OMEGA. This will ease the user of the monitoring system to plan what to do, really, and how to possibly fulfil the monitoring requirements.

A detailed report on the operational InSAR DEM production test (Kaartinen and Ikola 2002) was prepared and delivered. This was Novo’s own productional test using ERS data, using own InSAR application and ERDAS IFSAR. Naturally, the accuracy was not too good for the glaciers, due to the difficult landscapes, and because no reference DEM was possible to be incorporated in the unwrapping phase.

Novosat took a better look on the InSAR (mostly DEM) software applications available for operational use. This included interviewing some users. In Omega we give just a brief description, not doing justice to all the features available.

Inversion techniques in InSAR unwrapping:
Inversion mathematics based unwrapping methods were tested for spaceborne InSAR data. But only some experience of inversion techniques was gained.

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