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Review and assessment of the SAFIRE-LP model

Software Safire LP was installed in selected city. Required data were entered and analysed. Simulated scenarios confirmed initial expectations. Significant potential for CHP units installation and solar as well as geothermal energy utilization was identified. Proposed scenarios were focused on utilization of RES in domestic and commercial sectors for DH systems and HDW preparation. Project potential (geothermal source) was identified in open-air swimming pools as well.

Local energy planning process in SR is on very low level. Only a few Slovak regions have local energy plans, which are focused on RES utilization. Benchmarks or standard tools for local energy planning don’t exist by now. There is significant lack of information sources and experts in this field.

Program Safire LP is overcoming some of these problems and barriers. Its exploitation and application in SR has direct influence on RES utilization in our regions and on energy import. Synergy effects are reduction of CO2 emissions, employment increase as well as others social benefits. Standardisations of planning process and rising of awareness are very important.

Significant barriers and problems were identified in: lack of technical information about energy systems in municipalities and about possibilities of utilization of RES in these systems.

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