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Design and build of polyphase separator

With the samples for the analysis of the occurring wastewater (Task A) also a size distribution of the particles was carried out. With the help of this analysis the range of the distribution of the particles occurring in the wastewater could be determined. The size distribution is very important for the simulation procedure. All results were sent to the project partnersA CAD design of the polyphase separator with a flow rate about 5m{3}/h was drawn up.

The fluid to be purified enters a specially sized inlet chamber between via a supply pipeline. The fluid travels down and enters the second chamber where the lamella is installed. Through the lamellas it flows up and exits the separator via the drain pipeline. Sedimentation occurs during the upward flow of the fluid to be purified. The solids sediment on the plates and slide down into the sludge funnel. The sludge is thickened in the sludge funnel and exits the separator via the sludge extractor. A barrier between the two chamber prevents turbulence. The solids sedimented on the lamella cannot be carried away when the fluid enters. Two inlets will give us the opportunity to make a optimisation. For the separation of the oil two outlets are installed in the first and second chamber (above the outlet of the effluent). A funnel is installed for the sludge above the lamella.

This CAD design is transferred into the process simulation system CFD. With this CFD program the first simulations were executed. With the main parameters as specified under Task A simulations were carried out with taking into consideration of flow, gravity and density of the particles and the particle size distribution for the simultaneous separation of particulates over wide operational conditions.

Due to the CFD optimisation ttz contacted together GEI-2A and ProSys companies in order to choose the most suitable separator.

The purchased separator has these specifications:
- Material: HD-PE;
- Height x length x depth: 3250 x 2340 x 1330mm;
- Lamella package: 1196 x 1320 x 1000mm;
- Distance between the lamella: 44mm;
- Angle: 60°.

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