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Design and build of two knitted activated carbon membrane modules

Laboratory investigations have indicated that a new knitted activated carbon (KAC) material is an effective adsorbent of heavy metals and tri-butyl tin (TBT) from water. Adsorption of TBT by this material proceeds at a particularly high rate, and the KAC has a considerable capacity for the organic compound.

Two KAC prototype designs have been built for testing in real conditions. A spiral design aims to treat wastewater running along and between lengths of rolled KAC, compressed and held in position by expandable foam. The second design was based on a similar principle to granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment beds - effluent will be treated as it percolates between pieces of folded KAC.

A GAC column was installed alongside the KAC prototypes so that results could be easily compared with conventional adsorption techniques.

Dissemination of results from the trial will be of interest to naval communities worldwide, as well as those interested in environmental affairs.

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