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Design and built of a desalination unit

Instituto de soldadura e qualidade (ISQ) was responsible for the design of a compact high efficient low-energy electrolsys cell for removing low salt concentrations from the pre-treated water.

It was found that this type of technology is not suitable for desalination /removal of salts and it was necessary to find another desalination solution.

He project decided to change the system for a Reverse Osmosis technology for shipyard wastewater at a flow rate of 1m{3}/h for demonstration.

This technology has the following advantages:
- Plant specially designed to treat high salt contents water;

- Does not require the use of any chemical regenerants;

- Excellent efficiency (90 - 95 %);

- Low energy consumption.

Reported by

Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ)
KM 3 Av. Professor Doutor Cavaco Silva n°33, Talaide, Taguspark
2780-920 Porto Salvo
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