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Use of WLAN technology for content upload

Due to the facts, that Location Based Advertising (LBA) in combination with high resolution TFT-LCD screens requires big data (pictures as well as movies) and a data update of the mobile system inside the light train should be done by an automatic mechanism, the technical partners decided to use WLAN for data transmission. In general the transmission mode is limited for 300m in average.

In the past init GmbH, who is subcontractor of LLE®-MARK IV Industries, equipped the light trains of the transport authority VBK of Karlsruhe with On Board Computers (OBCs), which are also very important for the function of this use case. Therefore the WLAN system was planned and delivered by init GmbH.

Because of the data volume the update had to be done during night at the light train depot, where the vehicle is available for several hours. There are two depots in Karlsruhe. To guarantee, that each night an update can be done, the technical project partners decided to install a WLAN system in both depots.

The company YellowMap AG is responsible for the content (LBA, city information, route information and news), available by FTP-Server.

During May 2003 the transport authority VBK of Karlsruhe installed a LAN-System inside the city by optical waveguide. Several locations, also both light train depots, are linked to this LAN-System. Because of this installation both WLAN servers, one located in each depot, can be updated by internet and its Ethernet-connection.

Afterwards the content (LBA, city information and route information) is stored on the harddisk of the WLAN server. It is also possible to do an update by CD-ROM at the WLAN server manually.

In each depot a stationary antenna was fixed near to the parking position of the light trains. This antenna was connected via the WLAN access point to the WLAN server, which is still in function all the time. Inside the light train a WLAN client is connected by Ethernet to the CPU-Board of the Infotainment System, which displays LBA and other information on the right hand TFT-LCD screen. On the top of the light train the transport authority VBK installed a mobile antenna, which is connected to the WLAN client.

As soon as the light train is in the receiving range of the WLAN system (when entering the depot), the mobile system connects to the WLAN server automatically and downloads actual data to the mobile harddisk of the Infotainment System.
The necessary content preparation and data exchange is done by smart agents.

Agent 1
This first agent is active inside the light train and checks regularly when the train is entering the depot, where the train will be parked over night. If the agent realizes, that it is in the reception area of the WLAN installation, it will initiate the connection to the content server via WLAN and will download the actual content and the schedule data to the mass storage of the mobile system.

Since the light trains inside the depot are connected to power supply continuously, the agent does not have to manage the current supply for all download users for the duration of the content transfer over night.

Agent 2
The second agent controls and generates the schedule of the content presentation in the train for the next day. This agent is responsible for the administration of the content files in the track folder and generates the new schedule, so that the content of the folder can be uploaded on the train anytime. The agent generates the new schedule immediately after the user clicks on the button "save" in the Content Management System. The agent also copies the pictures file for the new advertisement from the general upload folder (i.e. "picsAllgemein") in the specific track folder (i.e. "picsLinie6"), so the train can download the content in the next update cycle.

The big update over night is initialised by the train. The whole content in the actual folder of the day is transmitted to the train. With this update the whole data including the schedule is transmitted to the train and can be displayed during the following day.

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