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Location based display of advertisement in the light train enabled by permanent location determination

Our vision was like the following: When a public transport system passes a sports shop, on the display of the high resolution screen special offers and saving of the sports shop should be displayed in exactly this moment- At the next exit the passengers should have the chance to get out of the public transport system and go to the interesting shop.

The biggest problem that had to be solved before this vision could come true was: How does the infotainment system know where the train is at the moment and what commercial to display?

The on board computer (OBC) of the light train sends via the IBIS data bus various signals and data. The OBC controls the screen with the passenger information as well as the screen with the advertisement data. All relevant information is transmitted to both screens.

The relevant information is:
- Distance in meter from the last station;
- The number of the next station (station list is embedded in the infotainment system);
- Signals like �door open�, �button stop pressed�.

With this information the software on the infotainment system always knows the exact position of the train and the direction it is going to and can decide which ad to display depending on the schedule and the content that has been transmitted.

To realize this functionality, the following basic measurements had to be taken:
- Interface definition and between Infotainment system and on board computer;
- Hardware development of the Infotainment system;
- Software adaptation for the Infotainment system;
- Hardware/Software adaptation on board computer for controlling the IS and sending the meter signal.

The onboard computer system is installed in every light train and controls the route the train is going. As soon as LLE®-MARK IV Industries GmbH got the final approval of the transport authority VBK in Karlsruhe to install an Infotainment System inside a light train during December 2002, final agreements were done with the subcontractor-company init GmbH, who equipped the light trains with their On Board Computer �Copilot� in the past.

Both systems, On Board Computer and Infotainment System, are connected by the vehicle data bus IBIS (Integrated Board Information System). For the LBA-function an additional communication between both devices was realized, to transmit positioning and status information of the vehicle.

How is this done? As mentioned above, the OBC always knows the next station of the train. It also knows the direction the train is going to, the next station and the distance between the two stations. When the train approaches at one station, the computed position is synchronized with the real position (the OBC knows the exact location of any station, of course). Leaving the station, by evaluating the signals from the wheels of the train the distance covered since the station was left is permanently measured with highest exactness. So the OBC does not only know the next station, it exactly knows how many metres the train has been going since the last station has been left and can deliver this information to the IS system of the train. Whenever the train approaches at the next station, the computed position and the exact known position are synchronized, so errors in the location determination are reduced to a minimum of only some metres.

To know the exact location of the train is indispensable to be able to display real location based advertising. The position computed by the OBC is compared with the position of the shops, which are stored in the database of the Infotainment system. If ads for shops in the surrounding of the light train are available, they can be displayed exactly in this moment when the train is passing this shop.

Using our technology, real location based advertising is enabled as the permanent determination of the light train�s position can be computed to be used to display ads only when the train is passing the relevant shops.

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