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iHTML application on mobile devices using GPS data for location based advertising

The software on the mobile device receives e.g. via bluetooth the GPS coordinates from the GPS receiver. After the start of the application, the user has got the possibility to enter his login data and password. Every user receives his personal login data after a registration on myYellowMap on The x- and y-coordinates of the user’s current position are delivered to an interface, which was provided by YellowMap, too.

In between this interface, the authentification of the user takes place. If the login process was correct, the mobile device gets the status “OK” and he user is forwarded to the title page of the application. In the other case, the status “FAIL” is sent back and the user is asked to re-enter his login data.

In addition, the GPS data are checked according to their correctness and are written into the ELBA-database. Wrong coordinates (e.g. “0” or “not available”) are not stored in the database. In the last case, the application uses the user’s last known coordinates. The coordinates are updatet every 20 seconds after the first login of the user.

On one of our test devices, the Compaq Ipaq, the possibility to store session variables is given. For this device, it is not needed to get new coordinates using the database. The current coordinates can be stored in the session storage after a correct login and can be gained back from there if needed.

After a successful authentification and start of the ELBA-titlepage the user can start the YellowMap-services with exact coordinates. To be able to use this service, the checkbox “location detection” has to be activated. If the checkbox is activated, the current stored coordinates, either out of the database or out of the device’s internal storage, are used. Before the search begins, the Mercator-coordinates sent by GPS have to be transformed into a superconform coordinate system used by YellowMap. Afterwards the correct search can be started.

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