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Tool and Die Workspace: Project and document management for engineering, mould and die makers

cDie Tool and Die Workspace is intended for the management of the internal information in the company. It is composed of two basic modules, which can be implemented separately and several modules for the integration among them and with external applications.

PMS. cDie Project Management System, intended for the management of Offers and WorkOrders; Planning and control of Work Orders in cost and time.

DMS. cDie Document Management System intended for the management of the documentation of the work orders. Supports the ECOs management and documents Life cycle that supports Concurrent Engineering.

Who should be interested in the cDie's Tool and Die Workspace?
Tools and dies makers - in particular Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), and sub-contracted engineer ng companies, that needs to keep their projects controlled from the point of view of cost and time and need efficient means to manage the documentation of the projects.

User's benefits
The implementation of the collaborative tool development strategy and tools will contribute to:
- Reduce the project lead time by 15%;

- Reduce 20% the cost of communication and information interchange through the use of electronic means and shared database;

- Reduce the project management by 15%;

- Keep the documents secure and controlled.

cDie's Tool and DIe Workspace strong points

The most important cDIE strong points are the following:
- The global management of the information generated in the tools and dies development;

- The creation of a network to be used as the common area where projects participants interchange relevant information;

- To have common views of the full tool and die development process;

- The adaptation to the enterprises needs;

- The specialisation in tool and die industry;

- A big knowledge of computing is not necessary for installation and use;

- Learning and use is simple.

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