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The technology of Visual contextualization [TVC] developed during VICODI provides a context for digital resources which raises them to the knowledge level (we are referring to the well-known definition which states that ”knowledge is information in context). Moreover, the resource context is also visualized which makes it easier for users to comprehend the information conveyed by the resources.

TVC is based on the perception that considering user’s context improves the results produced by an information system. Moreover, one of our most important insights is that by reading a document the user accepts the meaning of the document (its document context) as part of her user context. Therefore the context of the actual document can be used to filter and rank the results of subsequent queries.

Another important insight is that visualizing the actual document context (which describes the meaning of the document) helps understanding the meaning of the document significantly.

By combining visualization and context-based improvement of information system results we get the approach, which we term ‘visual contextualization’.

It is important to note that our approach is not constrained to textual documents, but it is applicable generally to digital resources, like a pictures or videos.

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