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Ontology of European history

The domain-specific background knowledge in VICODI is encoded in an ontology of European history. We developed a completely new ontology, which is available for interested parties on the VICODI website under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)6.

The ontology is used on one hand as a vocabulary for document context definitions. On the other hand it is used by heuristics during automatic contextualization and context-based search as a knowledge base.

We implemented the ontology using the open-source KAON framework, which provides an extension of the W3C RDFS standard. In particular KAON provides multi-lingual features (see also Section 4.4) inverse, transitive and symmetric properties in addition to standard RDFS features. Moreover, the relational database based persistence layer of KAON allows it to handle huge ontologies like the VICODI ontology with acceptable performance.

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