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SVG maps

The result "SVG maps" means that we have produced both a set of 105 historical SVG maps Europe, and developed a code to enable their usage to visualise XML information retrieved from the database. Both these results are offered for further use.
The ultimate goal of the VICODI SVG-based visualization was to enable Web users to visualize the retrieved information and to provide them with innovative tools to perform dynamic queries. Therefore, for the context visualization we used choropleth SVG maps, which are one of the most common forms of mapping data today, because of their simple and comprehensive appearance. 105 historical maps of Europe were created. They cover a period from the year 1000 to 2003 by decades: one map per decade; and the period 500 to 1000 by centuries. The maps contain period country names, which are retrieved from the ontology. The SVG visualisation enables a big variety of interface controls such as dynamic query, dynamic classification, geographic object data identification, user setting adjusting, as well as panning and zooming.

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