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The creation of European management practice: The Importance of the European dimension in the research

The focus of the CEMP programme on the creation of European management practice has of course implied that the European dimension has been central in the research. The studies undertaken have thus covered a large number of European countries. This has been accomplished through a co-operation with sub-contractors and colleagues throughout Europe. This means that representatives from most countries within the European Union - with the exception of Belgium, Luxembourg and Greece - have been involved in the programme in one way or another. In addition, persons from non-member European countries (Norway and Switzerland) and non-European countries (Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey and the United States) have participated in CEMP events. This has no doubt implied a communication of European ideas to a wide audience.

Also in terms of the presentation of the research results CEMP researchers have succeeded to cover most of the European countries. Of the more than one hundred presentations about one-third were made in Northern Europe, and one-third in mid-European countries, while about one-sixth each was made in Southern Europe and overseas, respectively.

It can thus be no doubt that the CEMP programme has had a strong European dimension. This has been true both in terms of the object of study - the creation of European management practice - and in terms of collaboration between scientists and dissemination of research results. For the CEMP team this has been a most rewarding experience.

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