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Comparison of control and bcl-2 transfected cell lines in fixed bed perfusion cultures

The model cell line NS0 6A1 bcl-2 has been cultivated in a high cell density 60 ml fixed bed in continuous operation. Afterwards, the focus has been shifted to a different type of high cell density culture, the dialysis cultivation. For the two model cell lines (NS0 6A1 bcl-2 and NS0 6A1 (100)3) high cell density dialysis cultivation allowed an increase of maximum cell density and product accumulation by a factor of 3 to 7. High cell density dialysis cultivation can be applied to standard batch and fed-batch processes widely used in industry. Focusing on high cell density dialysis cultivation in this work package allowed to investigate dialysis cultivation for bcl-2 cells, their control and the performance of cells over expressing bcl-2 on the one hand and allowed to account for the importance of such high cell density processes in industry on the other hand.

The results have already been published:
Frahm, B., Lane, P., Märkl, H., Pörtner, R. (2003): Improvement of a mammalian cell culture process by adaptive, model-based dialysis fed-batch cultivation and suppression of apoptosis, Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 26, 1-10.

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