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Filleting salmon pre-rigor is a promising method for the smoked salmon industry

Pre-rigor filleting is becoming common in the farmed salmon industry. However, the effects this has on the smoked product have not been studied so far.

The effect of filleting salmon pre- or post-rigor on the texture, yield and sensory quality of the fresh and smoked product in weeks 0, 1, 2, 4 and 6 was studied. In short, the pre-rigor processing had little effect on the quality of smoked salmon, the most significant being reduced gaping, but other effects included slightly less hardness and toughness, more expressible moisture from fresh, but not smoked salmon.

The results have already been and will be published in scientific journals and in conferences and meetings with the industry, and by making reports from the project available at the web site. The industry is interested in the results because this method has been catching on in recent years and studies of the effect on the end quality of smoked salmon have not been done yet.

Several benefits from using this method have been identified, such as reduced transport weight, better quality of by-raw materials and no storage required while the fish goes through rigor. This method is of great interest for the industry and according to our sources is becoming the industry standard for processing farmed salmon.

Further studies on for instance the time frame available before the fish enters rigor and on the microbiological quality of the fish processed this way are necessary. Also, to further reduce transport weight, packaging and transport methods should be developed to better suite transport of fillets instead of whole fish.

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