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Definition of gluten derived T cell epitopes that are causative for coeliac disease

The work of this project has lead to a detailed characterisation of cereal peptides, which are recognised, by intestinal T cells of coeliac disease patients. The results demonstrate that the responses are diverse, but that there is a hierarchy as to how frequently the various epitopes are recognised. The collective results demonstrate that T cell stimulatory peptides are present in the gliadin as well as the LMW and HMW-glutenins.

These results have important implications for advice on food safety to patients. Gliadin-DQ2 tetramer reagents that allow staining of antigen specific T cells have been developed. Gliadin-DQ2 tetramer reagents allow for specific detection of antigen reactive T cells and potentially be utilised as a diagnostic adjunct to detect gluten reactive T cells in the peripheral blood after oral challenge with gluten.

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