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Definition of barley, rye and oats derived epitopes that are causative for coeliac disease

The sequence of peptides of barley (hordeins), rye (secalins) and oats (avenins) which are recognise by HLA-DQ2 restricted intestinal T cells of coeliac disease patients have been determined. Some T cells demonstrate cross-reactivity against peptides of different cereals whereas other T cells are specific for certain peptides. In particular the T cell responses to oats avenin are clinically relevant. Oats avenin are generally considered safe for coeliac disease patients. Our results however demonstrate that there exist peptides of oats, which are recognised by intestinal T cells of celiac disease patients.

In addition, we have demonstrated some cases of coeliac disease patients who have clinical oat intolerance, mucosal inflammation related to oats ingestion and intestinal T cells reactive with oats avenin peptides. It thus appears that some (few?) coeliac disease patients develop oats intolerance and we advice that celiac disease patients who are consuming oats should receive clinical follow-up.

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