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Production and provision of personalization services for the media industry

PEACH project has developed a system for the production and provision of personalization services for the media industry. This tool covers the complete publishing value chain, from offering active information acquisition functionality for editors (using agent based information retrieval techniques) to customer oriented personalized content packaging and delivery.

PEACH changed the approach to produce personalized information services from software engineering towards media publishing. Thus the project started to define the product personalized information service. Following research concentrated on production processes. From a very first point it was clear that a personalized information product is an add-on product offered from publisher to cope with economy-of-scale strategies while facing the same time economies-of-scope. Therefore in a first phase scenarios - so called reference processes - are developed for publishing enterprises. These reference processes should be flexible up to a degree that allows adaptation to a majority of publishing enterprises. To look at personalized information services as information commodity makes it worth to investigate appropriate business-models. Current foreseen information channel business models are the pay-per-view model, the subscription-fee model and the advertisement model. Despite further research will be spent on identifying other general models, which could be integrated into a standard system.

PEACHs understanding of a personalized information service is that it is an information product, which is aimed to be published by professional publishers. Although a lot of investigations were undertaken in the forefront of the project on personalization in general, the PEACH project came up with a definition of an information product called personalized information service. Within the project this definition dealt as focus. To thoroughly understand this product the project started with a best practice survey of services matching the former elaborated definition. We compared more than 150 web services and looked out for commonalities. These commonalities formed one major input for the technical and functional specification of the PEACH distribution technology. The evaluation phase showed, that the service could be offered with minor additional work in the production of the traditional media. In order to produce user centered information service a usability study was conducted at the very beginning of the project. This study was the major guideline for setting up first prototypes. Further more the performance measures were used for evaluation purpose in the final phase of the project.

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