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Thermal simulation

This application allows users to assess both energy consumption and thermal comfort.
Engineers can calculate the energy consumption of a building with respect to the architectural choices made (surface of glazing, orientation, etc.) and technical solutions considered (materials, etc.).

Thermal comfort conditions are calculated in order to verify that comfort conditions are met throughout the building. Comfort conditions are represented in 3D, using colour coding. Hot zones are coloured in red and cold zones in blue.

Main features of the thermal application include:
- Changing weather conditions;
- Changing building materials, e.g. walls, etc., on-line;
- Performing fine or coarse simulations, e.g. hourly, monthly;
- Controlling precision of thermal simulation;
- Splitting the building into zones and allowing heating activity levels for each zone;
- Viewing different results, e.g. temperature, humidity ratios, energy consumption, energy gains, and exploitation costs values;
- Viewing the results in 3D.

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