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Acoustic simulation

The acoustics application simulates the effect of sound within a building. The designers and engineers can alter the building material on-line, in order to achieve the desired soundproofing.

This application is particularly useful for designing hotels, or industrial facilities, where soundproofing has a critical impact.

The simulation is in virtual reality (VR), and can be shared by architects and engineers in disperse geographical locations, over the Internet. This allows a quick first cut sound calculation, which can be shared with the clients in a user-friendly manner.

Here is a short summary of how the application works:
- The application receives drawings (IFC based) from CAD.
- It adds acoustics information about the listener; the sound sources; and the acoustics properties of the walls, automatically.
- It simulates the acoustics transmissions in the VR environment.
- If the noise transmission is too much, the designer can change the thickness or material of the walls and ceilings on-line.
- Another simulation can be performed in real time, to observe the impact of changes.

Some of the features of the application include:
- The listener can be moved into any space within the building.
- The sound sources can be changed and moved, in real time, as required.
- The sound volume can be changed.
- Doors & windows can be opened or closed.

The sound can be heard via speakers, which are attached to the computer. However, headphones provide a more accurate simulation.

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